My Fitness At Home is a personalized fitness program for those seeking to strengthen their body in the comfort of their home.


Daily calories and the percentages of carbs, protein, and fat are essential in weight loss and/or muscle gain, I have found that a diet consisting of roughly 30% protein, 40-45% percent carbs and 25-30% fats works very well for most people wishing to lose weight and tone muscle. Diet is 75-80% of the success in any weight management program.


Individuals embarking on a fitness program who are over 40 years of age often find it to be more challenging and frustrating than in years past. This is due largely to the body’s changes that have been occurring slowly and steadily over time. The aging process continues, but what we do in the meantime can matter greatly.


Many times individuals who have physical limitations find themselves unable to start or maintain an exercise program due to a lack of instruction and confidence in their abilities. I have worked with many individuals with a broad range of conditions and the one constant that I have found in all cases is this; everyone can improve their health, strength, and fitness.

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  • Functional Training

    Functional training is a type of exercise which focuses on movements specifically designed to aid individuals in improving athletic performance and activities in daily life.


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