Few companies have the in-house expertise to deal with complex problems that inevitably arise in the insurance arena. Whether it be a claim declination, a premium audit debacle or simply, and most common “an agent not doing their job” – we offer solutions across the board.


Outsourcing is defined as “The strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources”

Outsourcing is a valuable strategy by which an organization contracts out major functions to us as a specialized, knowledgeable and efficient service provider to counter the increasingly complex business of insurance and the associated costs both real and those incurred by not having the capability to effectively buy and maintain insurance.

  • Reduce and control insurance costs
  • Improve company focus on insurance with resultant benefits across the board
  • Gain access to world class capabilities
  • Even the playing field in an increasingly costly and complex subject
  • Free Managerial and internal resources for other purposes
  • Insufficient resources are available internally


The Ultimate in Insurance Consultancy

CIC Ltd is a totally independent insurance consultancy designed to deal with any and all aspects of your insurance requirements. We expertly handle your insurance leaving you to expertly run your business.

What We Do

CIC does not sell insurance. Our mission statement is a dedication to represent your interests and only your interests to navigate and survive the complexities and inevitable problems associated with insurance.

The agent/insured relationship is an uneven playing field where all of the expertise and selling acumen lies with the agent. The problems that inexorably arise from this imbalanced relationship are many and varied. CIC exists to even that playing field.

We have been in business for 40 years which means that we have seen and experienced everything that can happen, know everything that needs to be known, know how the market works and who is in the market doing good and bad, we are able to mandate levels of performance that are simply not available to you through your agent.

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Insurance Guru USA

Protect yourself from market tactics and misinformation by having a professional Company that will not allow sales techniques to affect the purchasing process.