Welcome To Lil Village Yoga!

A community where your whole family, can thrive, relax,  rejuvenate, and leave the cleanup to us.

We nurture the building blocks of healthy families to bring wellbeing full circle. Play, laughter, rest, movement, music and art are all ingredients of a healthy mind and body, and of healthy families. Self-esteem, confidence, and mindfulness are essential life skills children learn in our classes that help them feel happier, stronger and more at peace.


Lil Village Yoga

Manage stress and feel at peace. Come as you are. Our classes are designed to help you and your family reduce anxiety, calm the body and focus the mind.

Bring back play. All of us (even adults), need time to laugh and play. Gift you and your child time to reconnect and relax the mind. Play is the heart of strong family connections.

Transform. It is important to be kind and gentle to our bodies, while still giving them the workouts they need. Make yoga a part of your routine and begin to love the way your body feels as stiff aches soften and energy is restored (beginners welcome too!).

Get a head start. Promote your child’s health from an early age to prevent injury.

Connect. Cultivate healthy friendships and nurture new collaborations.

Build confidence. Take yoga off the mat and into your life as you learn to use the skills and breathing practices from class in almost any challenging life situation.

Rekindle play. Cultivate imagination.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow healthy hearts, minds, and bodies through movement and creativity. When you join Lil Village Yoga, you’re supporting our miss of and building strong communities.

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