• aberdeen-slab-desktop


    As lively and bustling as the Scottish city it's named for, Aberdeen is a show-stopper. Oranges, greens and grays are free-flowing and lava-like in this energizing array.

  • armitage-slab-desktoparmitage-new-brighton-r-wine-cellar-toronto


    Dark and deep, much like the canal bordering this small village in England's West Midlands region. Armitage's blend of black and gray provides an easy, neutral canvas for rich hints of copper-orange to emerge from within.

  • bellingham-slab-desktop-new


    Like the River North Tyne that runs through this brisk English market town, marble-like waves of dark gray and black swirl about a backdrop of creams and light gray, proving casual can also be elegant.

  • berkeley-slab-desktop


    Berkeley takes its name from a southern English town, and its inspiration from the river that runs through it. Hints of copper and a smattering of bronze swim among a riverbed of sandy tones, creating a pleasing combination of movement and inertia.

  • berwyn-slab-deskberwyn-r-asidedina


    Dense and earthy, Berwyn is inspired by the peaks and ridges of the rugged mountain range in the northeast of Wales where heather blooms and raptors soar majestically overhead.

  • bradshaw-slab-desktop-new


    Copper flecks dust the surface of Bradshaw like the stained glass that graced a 16th century church famous in this part of England. A whirling fusion of taupe, tan, black and shimmering copper elevate this captivating neutral to standout status.

  • braemar-slab-desktop-new


    Scattered and pebble-like, much like the banks of the River Dee, which runs through this most mountainous village in the UK. Gray, black and cream quartz crystals collide in a playful, contemporary mix.

  • buckingham-slab-desktop-new


    Named for the London palace that's home to the British Monarchy, Buckingham is rich and versatile, with just enough unexpected interest. Browns, golds and grays converge with a hint of shimmer in this delightfully adaptable palette.

  • hampshirehampshire-r-cambriastyle14bethanyneuart


    As warm and inviting as the peaceful summer hills that flank the English coast, Hampshire calls to mind bountiful acres of rich natural beauty.

  • hollinsbrook


    Bold and sumptuous, this powerful union of black, chestnut, gray and white brings to life the rhythmic and rocky tumble of this northwest England waterway. Expressive, rich and lively, Hollinsbrook is like a fresh breath of luxury.

  • laneshaw


    Named for a centuries-old village in northwest England, Laneshaw's mysterious sea of brown tones, tan and black is a grand statement-maker.

  • montgomery-slab-desktop


    Dynamic designs echo the stormy relationship between sea and shore.