Performer, educator, and founder of the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA. Nicholas Van Slyck’s music has been performed to audience and critical acclaim throughout Europe and the U.S. Van Slyck’s compositions range from large scale orchestra and chorus works to short duos and trios for winds and strings. There is an abundance of keyboard music: solo and four hand, sonatas, suites and concertos, as well as music suitable for teaching.

Although much of Van Slyck’s music was published by E. C. Schirmer, Willis, Southern, and General Music Publishing companies during his lifetime, when he passed away in 1983, he left behind many works that were never published.

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Listen to “Diferencias for Harpsichord or Piano” performed by Irma Rogell on YouTube

CD's of Compositions and A Piano Performance


CD - Judgement in Salem


CD - Pantomime


CD Forest Music

Latest album

      TVS Solo Basoon

      Pantomime: Scene-setting

      Pantomime: Processional

      Pantomime: General Dance

      Variation No. 2

      Variation No. 3

      Variation No. 4

      Sonata No. 3

How to Order

Support your local music store. Order Southern Music Co., Willis Music Co. and E.C.Schirmer publications through your local music store if possible or through the links given under each composition. All music published by Van Slyck 20th Century Music may be ordered by email, telephone, or regular mail. Music is available in two formats, printed and bound or PDF sent directly to your computer where you may print it out as necessary.

PDFs are $5 per composition, hard copies are $10 including postage. LPs are $16 and CDs are $14 – both include regular postage. Payment, by check, must be received before the order is processed.